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Red_Dead3591Date: Wednesday, 2013-04-17, 10:06 PM | Message # 1
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hello guyz ok here is the idea i have on the forum to make it more stylish -organize :

1-Clan Forums like this :
a- Members only Topic{only members can c it}                                                                                                           b- check out-check Topic inside it will split 2 sections check out-check in{this Topic is about when some 1 want to be inactive like having Exams or going to holiday ect he post in check out and when he came back will post in check in }
c- Teamspeak Topic {is about anything related to Teamspeak}
d-Recruitment {here guests will post their RCT to clan }
e-Resignations { the Dark side Topic to leave the clan :\}
f-complaints {here post any complaint about players in server}Note[this topic for members only and if u want to be open for guests it's up to u ;)]

2-General Forums :
a-public Forums {this forum an open forum for everything also u can put split topics about Server Current IP, who's is TPS smile
i will talk about it later}
b-war challenging {this is for other clan members that can put their request to challenge us in a war }
c-Off topic {this will put a Split sections inside like:Football,Music,Videos,Screenshots,funniness,and then an open Topic}
d-Help&Support {any 1 have a problem in everything and want's a help}
e-Birthday{for Birthdays wishes}
f-general discussion other games {talking about any games and upcoming games}

3-Clan War forums [Members only forum] :
here u can put any detalles about the war like who is going to be in the clan team for war ,the Result,and the date of the upcoming war ,,,each have a Split topics .

4-clan Mod [mods only forum] :
here u can put everything Related to the Mods work and stuff :
a-General {player screen shots,Kicked players,tag stealers,banned players(by making a list of em),members screenshots,suspects players,}
b-current Rconpassword{talks about it and put a new one}
c-Autokick{talks about it and upload the file of autokick program}

5- Admin Forums[Admins only] here u put Admin stuff and Notes {up to u }

NOTE{1- the section Who's TPS is like every TPS member will define him self country,age,work,,,,,ect and post a photo
2- if u want put a high Score table of TPS members it will be like a challenge between em smile

so this is my Idea yes maybe it will take a time and hard work i think put it's cool to be like that hope u guyz will like it
and i'm alwayes here to help :))


Message edited by Red_Dead3591 - Wednesday, 2013-04-17, 10:12 PM
jemmyDate: Wednesday, 2013-04-17, 10:44 PM | Message # 2
Messages: 316
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Red_Dead3591, is creative too, you gonna need this guy in administration, you can move him to moderator , admins can run vote for him
jemmyDate: Wednesday, 2013-04-17, 10:46 PM | Message # 3
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unless almost everything you have said red, already there, the clan member only, admin sections, general discussion, try to sign out the website and see the forum, u will find that some sections are not allowed to see
Red_Dead3591Date: Wednesday, 2013-04-17, 10:52 PM | Message # 4
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yes indeed Jemmy m8 ofc  but it's only like a Reordering if u know what i mean smile and it's my plessure to help my family mate smile .
Red_Dead3591Date: Wednesday, 2013-04-17, 11:15 PM | Message # 5
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sure Esporto m8 y not wink
aboseyamDate: Thursday, 2013-04-18, 11:19 AM | Message # 6
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Messages: 210
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0h that's nice m8 ^^ u expert effort to get this biggrin thx alot smile

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