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Jokes Jokes Jokes
GromekDate: Saturday, 2012-08-04, 10:42 PM | Message # 1
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- Interest blooms - Zenon thought when he saw a lesion on his przyrodzeniu ...

The priest confesses gaździnę:
- A not slept with a stranger gaździno peasant?
- And for this, Father, the stranger man can sleep?


Working farm owner asks the tourist:
- Here, every morning you will be aroused cock crowing.
- Then let it set with the tenth Lord!

The two men talk over a glass.
- Ah, life is hard ... - Sighs one of them. - I had everything that a man can dream of: a quiet house, money, a girl ...
- And what happened?!
- My wife came back from holiday a week earlier ...

In the desert Bedouin exhausted visitor asks:
- How to reach Cairo?
- Straight ahead, and on Thursday the right.

After Mass, the priest walks up to Johnny and says:
- Lord's sermon was awesome!
- Son! You can not say that!
- But the Lord's sermon was really awesome!
- Son, repent while you can!
- It was so awesome that I decided to give 1000 zł for the church.
- Come on!

Johnny had wanted to have sex with a colleague working, but she knew that she was with someone else ... Johnny was getting increasingly frustrated, until finally one day came up to her and said:
- I'll give you $ 100 if you allow me to take you from behind.
But the girl said NO. Johnny said:
- I'll be quick, throw money on the floor, you are lean, and I'm done before you can pick them up!
She thought a moment and finally said that he must consult with her boyfriend. She called him and told him what was going on. The boy replied:
- Ask him $ 200. Pick them up quickly, he will not manage to download the pants. The girl agreed. Half an hour later, her boyfriend is still waiting for the phone. Finally after 45 minutes he called to her and asked what happened.
- The bastard used coins!
- The first question: replace any two currencies.
- Well, for example, the dollar and euro.
- Okay. Now replace the two types of contraceptives.
- Gee, I can replace at least 10
- I believe. The third question. Name two rivers in Iceland ... Silent? I knew it! In addition to the dough and sex, you have no interest!


Marriage has been invited to a costume party, but that evening my wife's head ached, and insisted that her husband had gone alone. Long opposed, but finally relent and went. My wife went to bed, but woke up after an hour without a headache. Because her husband did not know what outfit you bought, she decided to go for fun and it poszpiegować. Soon he was spotted there. He danced with all the women, kissed the hands, necks, whispered to the ear and podszczypywał, casually touching "here and there." Because it was one of the neat people, was quickly noticed by mężusia amused and asked to dance. Expecting good fun, for he knew that picks up his wife. After a couple of dances offered her a "tour pięterka", she agreed without resistance (since, after her husband ...). She set the condition, however, did not take off the mask from his face. It was them together beautifully, almost like never before. Then she quickly ran to the house, to expect her husband and ask him some questions. Once he returned she asked the savage satisfaction in his voice:
- Well, as you have fun honey? Much danced?
- Not even once danced and played poorly. I met Zenka, Wiesiek and fussy, my fellow students and all night we played poker. But I tell you, the guy who borrowed the costume reportedly played unearthly ...


Tourist in Paris anchors the native:
- Could you tell me how to get to the Louvre?
- The Louvre has so many years, Madamme, then they will wait a few minutes more. Feel free to me, I'm right next to a warm bathroom - may prepare a meal, drink wine, listen to music, draw your plan ...
- Oh, no, no! According to this plan I have now twice as * upczyli!

jemmyDate: Saturday, 2012-08-04, 10:45 PM | Message # 2
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jajaja funny caramba, thanks for sharing that
aboseyamDate: Tuesday, 2012-08-07, 0:05 AM | Message # 3
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Nice..xD biggrin biggrin biggrin

ASALADate: Tuesday, 2012-08-07, 8:44 AM | Message # 4
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good job

BiG Fun of NiCe GiRLs xD xD xD
BearGryllsDate: Wednesday, 2012-08-08, 4:59 PM | Message # 5
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