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The Perfect Shooters



  • You must be a 16+ MATURE competitive individual...we do make occasional exceptions.
  • you must repect a- All potential members
  • we don't tolerate childish behavior (wich means no spamming ,no teamkilling)
  •  must can speak English.
  • you must be an active player 
  • in the trail time we expect every recruit will play around 10 hours a week
  • we don't tolerate any kind of cheats or you can forget it to join
  • Skill is not a primary consideration when selecting new members,though obviously it will have to be taken into account when selecting teams to play in matches .
  • Xfire and Teamspeak is a must in the clan
  •  Recruiting is based mainly on social skill and how well they fit in with existing members.
  •  The potential recruit will undergo a trial wich is during around two weeks
  •  After completion of the trial a vote will be taken by the members of that division and the leaders to decide on whether to let them in
  •  Once a recruit has been voted in they will be on probation for one month during which time they will not have to pay the clan fees and can still be expelled from the clan.
  • All potential new recruits  will be asked to wear the tags #T.P.S=> with the entire tag displayed at all times.
  •  Last but not least...... Show up, help out, and have fun  with the clan!


  • all members must wear the tags in their Xfire, Teamspeak and ingame-name for example #T.P.S=>Single.Shot or #T.P.S=>espør†o (there is no excuse)
  • we expect that every member will play at least 4 hours per week . 4 hours is really less but if your to busy with you work and school ect.
  • normal member plays around 7 hours week week
  • a good members play around 10 hours per week
  • and the best will play 14+ hours per week
  • of course it is possible that you going on travel but plz let the admin know for how long your away,or post a thread in the forum.
  • If you don't report it and your inactive,than you have 3 weeks time to contact the admin otherwise your automatically kicked from the clan 
  • If  a member will be caught on cheating, He will be KICKED from the clan and BANNED on the server 
server rules
  • we don't tolerate if anyone is spamming or deliberately teamkilling first you got a warning and second time = Kick
  • its not allowed to cheat in our server !Cheating=BAN

  • We do not support racist or sectarian marks towards ANYONE! This is also goes in-game nicknames too!Anyone with a Racist,sectarian or religious nickname in-game will be kicked from our server
  • if the admin ask to send ScreenShots,you must send it!

  • if you will do that,it can be a proof to acccuse you of cheating and a reason for Kick/ban