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The Perfect Shooters


. What are companies?
  Companies are internal clan tournament among all clan members, We have 4 companies, the names in
  orders are ALFA, BRAVO, CHARLIE, BETA.

. Who can join in this activity?

  All clan members only are allowed to participate.

. Which company do i belong to?
  The clan admin decide who joins which company in order to even all of them.

. Can i change my company?
  Unfortunately this is against the tournament rules

. Why each company has the first name in red?

  Red name means this is the leader of this company, chosen by the admins depends on the reputation of
  the member and his gaming skills.

. Why each company should have a leader?
  Because the main point of this tournament is to get the players able to work in team, for TPS clan wars.

. When shall we start companies war?
  Companies wars will be carried out on Monday 13 Aug 2012, 2 wars a day.

. Where are we going to play this wars?
  On the clan main server (ip:

. How is the war gonna look like?
  Each company will play with the other five companies, league rules.

. What are the statistics in the company table means?

 1- The player records, is the sum of players point along the entire tournament, updates after each war.
 2- Company points is the sum of the players points within one company, updates after each war.
 2- The average war points, is the sum of total point of the players within one company divided by the
      number of the players.

. What are the rules of the tournament?and wht is my company?
CLICK ME  To check the table (Only Members have access to this link)